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Standard Movers, with its trained and experienced personnel takes on any task and brings it to an end with responsibility and effectiveness.

The company offers services that cover absolutely all fields of transport.

Services Provided

Household relocations - door to door

The removal of household goods becomes attainable and easy when in the hands of an experienced crew.For the packing of your personal effects we use only high quality material:

All objects are itemised on a packing list that also states your personal information and place of receipt.

If you're not able to receive your objects immediately at the point of destination, they are carefully stored in one of our storage facilities and delivered to you at the time of your request by our experienced crew, who make sure that your new home becomes functional and comfortable as quickly as possible.

Standard Movers insures the process of relocation of your household effects covering potential dangers after agreement between the company and the expeditor.

Hundreds of relocations of household effects leave no doubt for the outstanding and qualitative services of Standard Movers.

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Work of Art

Each work of art is an element of culture and communication. Its transportation and packing requires experience, technique, meticulousness. You can trust Standard Movers, as its previous experience proves that a lot of professionals and individuals have entrusted our company with the removal of their work of art and continue to do so.` SOTHEBY'S' and ` CHRISTIES' are among the well known companies which have accepted our services.

After a thorough inspection, each work of art depending on its destination is suitably packed so that it can be safely delivered anywhere.The transportation of work of art requires special insurance coverage and documentation by the relative public institution.

We ensure complete safety whether it concerns the transportation of a painting, papyrus, marble, statues, amforas, handmade mirrors or any other work of art.

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Antiques are objects of great value on which time has left its marks causing their structure, their color their varnish and their resistibility to become very sensitive.In order for the objects of this category to have the necessary stability during their transportation, they are first appraised for their resistibility and then packed with the most suitable material and extra care by our expert movers. With method, patience and time, antiques like furniture, doors, cars, chandeliers etc, can be moved anywhere.

Antiquities are also insured during transit.

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Special Objects

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Industrial Units

Our company undertakes the relocation of industrial units with the utmost safety and complete insurance responsibility. Our experience guarantees the efficiency in the execution of your command.

Some of our operation concern:

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File translocations

Standard Movers also take on file translocations for big organizations.First books and files are carefully itemized and recorded during their encasement. Next, they are progressively transported and placed in alphabetical order at their new location , according to the blue print.

Companies that have assigned their filing translocation to us are:

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Companies - Offices

Standard movers also undertake company relocations.Our experienced team moves everything from personal files and desks to PC's and whole computer rooms, using all the special equipment required.

Some of the companies who have trusted their relocation to Standard Movers:

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Vehicles - Boats

All vehicles and boats are moved with the utmost safety. They are securely lashed down and chocked, so they are completely protected during transit. Vehicles are also covered with all risks marine and transit insurance. Your vehicle is picked up and delivered to your door.

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Transportation of commercial goods

Commercial goods are transported under the commercial terms CIF, FOT, FOB, DAF, EX FACTORY etc. There is a fleet of trucks that deliver towards all destinations in Europe, using direct or combined transport.

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Your household effects can safely remain in our storage facilities until you are ready to receive them in your new residence. Your goods are delivered to you after your request.In our facilities we can keep anything you cannot, whether it is your household goods a car, or a motorcycle, with small cost.

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