Household relocations – door to door

Household relocations - door to door

The removal of household goods becomes attainable and easy when in the hands of an experienced crew.For the packing of your personal effects we use only high quality material:

  • Boxes that are durable even in the rain for the packing of small objects like glassware, dishes, ornaments, books, linen etc.
  • Special boxes for hanging clothes so they won’t wrinkle during transportation.
  • Bubble wrappers, or paper/carton wrappers for the safe packing of furniture.
  • Also, depending on the destination we use wooden crates for air transport and metal containers for sea transport.

All objects are itemised on a packing list that also states your personal information and place of receipt.

If you’re not able to receive your objects immediately at the point of destination, they are carefully stored in one of our storage facilities and delivered to you at the time of your request by our experienced crew, who make sure that your new home becomes functional and comfortable as quickly as possible.

Standard Movers insures the process of relocation of your household effects covering potential dangers after agreement between the company and the expeditor.

Hundreds of relocations of household effects leave no doubt for the outstanding and qualitative services of Standard Movers.